Implemented objects

Улаштування АСК Елеватора Епіцентр Агро 210 тис. т. м Вінниця
Installation of networks of power supply and electric lighting of granaries of 7,3 thousand tons with overpasses and galleries in the territory of Bug village council of the Voznesensky region of the Nikolaev area
Complex of works on arrangement of KTPGS-2 * 1000/10 / 0,4, with installation of one transformer, electric installation works in the territory with. Gasket of Vinnytsia region
Installation of the power part of the electrical equipment of the feed mill in s.m.t. Yerky, Katerynopil district, Cherkasy region
Electrical work on the installation of 0.4 kV cable line in Kozyatyn
Home solar power plant 30 kV in Kalinovka